How to make a ton of money trading stocks without past knowledge

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The money hustle is intense. Stock trading is becoming mainstream. We have talked about this before. My general feeling towards this is super positive, that is why I have embarked on a crusade against snake oil sellers that distorts the genuine efforts of new traders to make money.

So our friend Alex claims to be making a TON of money. Evidence of it? Nah…Zero. Null.

But he brings an interesting subject to the table, the study of price patterns for profit. Does it work? …

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Clients and advisors can benefit from a relationship that transcends the obsession with financial returns.

How does this work? After all, no financial advisor has ever been dumped for excellent performance, right?

Understanding the Client/Advisor Relationship

Let us start by defining what we know and don’t know.

Banks, asset managers, private banks, and any other institution handling your assets do not have a magic ball to see into the future. No amount of machine learning, econometrics, fundamental or technical analysis can guarantee you that:

> North Korea won’t decide to fly some nukes over Tokyo

or that

> Well, Covid-19…

Corporate reports are the…

Oh no, buddy…

Ryan misses the trade of a lifetime.

On this occasion, I bring you the sad story of Ryan. Apparently, Ryan was thinking of investing USD 20,000 into $GUSH on March 18th, 2020.

What is $GUSH?

$GUSH is an ETF (not a stock) that provides 2 times the return (daily) of some index with oil & gas exploration companies. It provides a vehicle to speculate on, well, the price of Oil & Gas.

So far, so good…

But there’s a caveat; GUSH did a reverse split on March 24th, 2020, 1:40, which means that for every 40 GUSH shares, you would automatically be left…

Tik-Tok is a great app. It is my favorite social media. If I had any camera talents, I would totally try to beat Bella Poarch.

Yet, there’s one recent trend that is triggering me like no other thing around.

Teenagers explaining the stock market.

Why so? Old dude…

Ok, ok, there’s nothing wrong with young ones explaining to others, the trade. In fact, it is more of a blessing than a curse. Videos like this one make people interested in investments, just what is needed to finally make investments mainstream.

But when it comes to getting rich schemes, Tik-Tok is…

Trends are easy enough to spot with hindsight. Looking back, it seems obvious that stocks were going to recover from the Covid-19 selloff. In March 2020, though? Not so much.

Detecting trends at their onset is a tough job, but after carrying out some serious research and reflecting on my own experiences, I decided to take the plunge and throw my hat into the arena.

Below are my predictions for FinTech’s in 2021 — spanning brand new trends and changes that have been brewing for years.

Direct Indexing

Thematic ETFs are booming. Why?

One plausible explanation is traders flocking to…

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I find a little disturbing that some financial analysts are building “buy equity stories” based on limited knowledge: Fundamental analysis (financial valuations) and technical analysis (by looking at the charts), while completely ignoring the elephant in the room #Coronavid-19. As Daniel Kahneman once wrote: “When faced with a difficult question, we often answer an easier one instead, usually without noticing the substitution.”

Yes, stocks are technically oversold, and valuations are cheaper than they were a week ago, that’s observable. But without a plausible explanation of how #Covid-19 is ultimately defeated buying equities just because they were lower than a week…

Getting a job is by itself a job. And if you are like me, a time-constrained MBA student, tired of clicking and more willing to interact with Excel sheets and dissect data through the magic of spreadsheets this solution is for you:

Now before we proceed, LinkedIn probably doesn’t like this, but as long as you don’t distribute, republish, sell or store the data for the long term, you should be fine. You might even impress your recruiters with your data scraping capabilities.

What we are going to use is Selenium with Python to control an instance of Chrome as…

Oscar Rojas, CFA

Passion for Investments & Technology.

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